Unexpected Hero Redeemed – Coming… Soon?

Unexpected Hero Redeemed has hit a snag. Well, the story hasn’t, but the author writing it has. Sadly, it didn’t release on April 29th as planned. Why?

Fantastic question.

It’s simply not ready.

This book has taken its toll on me. If you’ve read the first book in the duet (or Rival Hero), then you know that this couple goes through some “shit” on their way to their happy ending. Well, life imitates art because I’ve gone through some shit too. Writing a book when you’re in a bad head space isn’t the greatest recipe for success.

After some personal and professional setbacks earlier this year, I entered a bit of burnout. My imposter syndrome also kicked up the afterburners. Although I’ve written 150k words in this book, they aren’t the best words. Well, they aren’t yet. I’m doing a lot of deep editing and getting feedback from my editing and review partners to ensure I give Tomer, Lettie, and my readers the most epic conclusion to this love story.

I won’t release it until it shines!

The good news?

I’ve definitely exited the burnout phase and words are flowing beautifully again. I’m thrilled with how the story is progressing and have every confidence that it’ll be worth the wait.

As for when?

Soon. I don’t want to put as definite date on it again, because I’ve done that about three times so far and haven’t hit it once. I’m just going to write and edit, making it fabulous and release it as soon as I can. That’s my promise! I’ll give you the best story I can just as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the presale here on my site is still live so you can secure your early access e-book copy for only $3.99. The Amazon preorder was cancelled after some drama with them (typical). If you’ve already preordered Bossy Hero on Amazon, then keep it! There’s a chance that I’ll simply edit that title to be Unexpected Hero Redeemed and release it in May. When/if that occurs, I’ll create a new preorder for Bossy Hero.

Speaking of Bossy Hero, I expect that to release in the summer. The preorder on Amazon will either cancel later in May OR be converted to Unexpected Hero Redeemed. More to come when I get shit sorted.

I cannot thank you enough for coming with me on this journey and for your unending support. The love you’ve shown me and my books is awe inspiring. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Now, Tomer and Lettie are calling so off I go to make the magic!

Love, Jackie