Love & Other Trouble — the fourth book in the Love and Laughs series — is coming to Amazon on August 17. You are going to love this book. It has everything you could possibly want in a Jackie Walker RomCom. Allow me to elaborate… Growly, tattooed, hunky, former-military AF single-dad — CHECK. Adorkable lovable […]

Are you ready to meet your new book boyfriend? Cort Amos — you know him, you love him. The lone male sibling in the insane Amos family. The funny guy who looks a lot like Theo James, and is known for his hilarious one-liners and dropping the most epic gifs in the family text thread. The […]

Welcome to my first “official” author blog and thanks for checking out my brand new website. That’s super cool of you. I bet you look pretty today too. And, have you lost weight? Nice job; high five!